Regular Inspections


There will be parts of your property that require constant regular assessment.  If these areas are not assessed regularly, it may result in a loss of income or damage to your property. We also need to ensure that your property is being treated with respect by the tenants. This is why we carry out regular inspections on your behalf.

  • At CPPM the first inspection is carried out approximately six weeks after the start of the tenancy and enables us to gain an early snap shot of the tenancy. By this stage most people will have unpacked and settled in and the inspection enables us to quickly address any issues that may become a problem if left unattended. After the first inspection, regular inspections are made every four months.
  • During these inspections we check that your tenant is looking after the property appropriately, check that nothing appears to be damaged and assess if any maintenance is required. 
  • After each inspection we will send a detailed report to you including photos.
  • If any repairs or maintenance is required, we will discuss this with you. If you agree, we will arrange for a qualified tradesmen to undertake the work.  If you have your own preferred tradesperson we will be happy to use them, as long as they are registered in their trade and hold appropriate indemnity insurance.